Scope of Papers

Papers are requested on the following topics:

A - Quality and Reliability assessment techniques and methods for Devices and Systems

  • Design for reliability,Built-in reliability,
  • Virtual qualification, Reliability simulation,
  • Advanced models for Reliability prediction,
  • Reliability test structures, Limits to accelerated tests,
  • Screening methods, Yield/reliability relationship,
  • Obsolescence, Counterfeit.

B - Semiconductor Failure Mechanisms & Reliability for Si technologies & Nanoelectronics

  • Process-related issues, Passivation stability,
  • Hot carriers injection, NBTI, TDDB,
  • High-K dielectrics and gate stacks,
  • Low-K dielectrics and Cu interconnects,
  • Metal migration: mechanical and thermal aspects,
  • Non-volatile and programmable cells,
  • Silicon on Insulator devices,
  • Nano-electronics, Nano-electronic materials for solid state devices.

C - Progress in Failure Analysis: Defect Detection and Analysis

  • Electron, ion andoptical beam techniques,
  • Scanning probe techniques,
  • Static or dynamic techniques, Backside techniques,
  • Acoustic microscopy,
  • Electric or magnetic field based techniques,
  • Electrical, thermal and thermo-mechanical characterization,
  • Sample preparation, construction analysis,
  • Failure analysis: case studies.

D - Reliability of Microwave devices and circuits

  • Wide band gap semiconductors,
  • Microwave and compound semiconductor devices.

E - Packaging and Assembly Reliability and Failure Analysis

  • Electrical Modeling& Simulations,
  • Mechanical Modeling & Simulations,
  • 3D / TSV, Flip chip, Advanced substrates,
  • Chip/package interaction.

F - Power Devices and Microelectronic System: Reliability and Failure Analysis

  • F1 - Smart-power devices, IGBT, thyristors,
  • F2 - SiC and GaN power devices,
  • F3 - Power Electronic Systems.

G - Photonics Reliability

  • Solar Cells and Display,
  • Optoelectronics,
  • Organic electronics: OLED, Electronic Ink, TFT

H - MEMS and sensors Reliability

  • Bio-electronics, Bio-sensors, Nano-Bio-technologies,
  • MEMS and MOEMS,
  • NEMS and nano-objects.

I - Extreme environments and Radiation

  • ESD-EOS, Latchup,
  • EMC-EMI (integrated circuits, power electronic systems),
  • Radiation impact on circuits and systems reliability.


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