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2023 –European Automotive Electronics Reliability Workshop

In parallel with 34th ESREF international symposium, the third European Automotive Electronics Reliability Workshop will be held.  In total 21 preceding workshops in the US and 2 in Europe, have been providing a forum and structured environment to discuss quality and reliability problems and philosophies related to all aspects of passive components, discrete semiconductor devices, integrated circuit devices, LEDs, wide band gap semiconductor devices, multi-chip modules in terms of design, test, analysis, fabrication, assembly, and field performance. Building upon this rich history, the environment will be a highly interactive technical presentation and panel discussion format promoting open and frank communications within the international automotive component supplier base.

The workshop can be attended : 
- by those who made a special registration for this workshop
- by registered ESREF attendees: it is free of charge but special on-site registration will be mandatory (because of limited space available)
 You can download the Agenda in PDF Format Here
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