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ECPE/SiCRET Session/Workshop on ´WBG Power Device Reliability´

Owing to their superior performances, wide band gap (WBG) technologies such SiC and GaN based power devices are the best candidates to enable the energy transition taking place also in the transportation industry.

ECPE as the industry-driven European Research Network in power electronic gathers the main industrial and academic stakeholder in the field. In this WS results from two ECPE working groups in railway and automotive domains will be presented incl. the automotive power module qualification guideline AQG 324.

The SICRET (Silicon Carbide Reliability Evaluation for Transport) project is a national public-private initiative (2020-2023) which has been instrumental in structuring the French ecosystems and in defining new and more suitable test methodologies for SiC-MOSFET qualification and reliability models extraction. Main achievements will be provided with a special focus on critical issues such as atmospheric radiation immunity and short circuit degradation assessment.





Programme :


* Activities on WBG Power Device Reliability in the ECPE Working Groups in the Automotive and Railway Domains
   Thomas HARDER (ECPE), Martin RITTNER (Robert Bosch and AQG 324 Chairman)

* Dynamic Reliabiliy Testing for WBG Devices
   Frank HEIDEMANN, NI-SET and AQG 324 Core Team

* Humidity Stress Tests for Renewables: Activities for Simplification
   Uwe STICKELMANN (SMA Solar Technology)

* SiC Reliability for Transport (SICRET): Overview and main Achievements
   Olivier PERROTIN (ALTER Technology / IRT-Saint Exupéry)

* Investigation of Cosmic Radiation of SiC MOSFET Technology
   Florent MILLER, Hiba RITZ (Nucletudes)

* SiC MOSFET under repetitive Short Circuit events and associated degradation mechanisms
   Joao OLIVEIRA (IRT Saint Exupéry)


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