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Exploration and Challenges on Quantum technologies and Cryogenics designs.

Philippe Galy, STMicroelectronics, France

The main objective of this presentation is to explore Quantum applications with their technologies and design challenges at cryogenic temperature. After a brief description of classical computing, quantum computing is described to provide a general framework for this study. Afterward, quantum bit technologies are listed with a special focus on spin qubit especially with the silicon material. Based on these specifications, the exceptional performances of the FD-SOI CMOS technology are discussed through measurements and simulations on : the elementary spin qubit, standalone MOS transistor @ cryo with Front & back gate control , on the elementary digital IP responses with their power consumption and on the analog/RF MOS behavior @ cryogenic temperature. The overview of the needs in IP blocks makes it possible to give a projection on a possible architecture with its expectations. In addition, BICMOS and Photonic technologies are also possible technologies to solve specific points. Thus, the key parameters on a system open question about noise, aging, power, reliability and harsh environmental constraints. These new quantum design challenges will lead to innovative solutions and applications in the near future and will enrich cryogenic electronic designs for other applications, namely for: space, fundamental physics and astrophysics detectors, medicine , energy optimization , data encryption , AI  etc.  It is a “hot topic” with strong activities and exciting challenges in many areas and technologies.



Dr. Philippe Galy, born 1965, obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Bordeaux (France) in 1994. He holds also a H.D.R. (academic research supervisor) from LAAS CNRS University of Toulouse in 2005. He has authored or co-authored over 150 publications, 4 books, and 140 patents portfolio. Philippe serves in several technical program committee and he is a reviewer for many symposiums and journals (Ex: ESREF / ESSDERC / ICICDT / EUROSOI / CAS / VLSI & IEEE TED/ TON/SSE).

He joined STMicroelectronics in 2005, working on ESD/LU and new solutions for device to SOC level in advanced CMOS and mature technologies (Bulk / FDSOI / planar & 3D). He develops tooling concepts for robust IP integration and supervises its developments till production. Moreover, its main R&D topics are on SCR, T2, TFET, BIMOS transistor, Beta-structure and other innovative devices for emerging neuromorphic, Qubit applications. Philippe is in charge for STMicroelectronics on Cryo Quantum R&D with many international partners.  Based on these topics he supervises 16 PhD. He was already involved in National & European projects: Examples: Nano 2017 / ROBIN / REMINDER / Neuram3 / QLSI. Also, he joins the QuEng CDP group from Grenoble France.


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