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MB Electronique MB Electronique
Since 1972, MB Electronique is a B2B Technology Trading Company : • Reselling electronic systems and equipment dedicated to the T&M market. • Designing on demand innovative solutions for test. • Offering In-house Tests (HALT/HASS, SAM). • Supplying exclusive services linked to the carried systems and equipment. As a middle-man organization, MB Electronique provides: • Customer satisfaction carrying « best-in-class » suppliers’ products and integrated solutions, designing and supplying MBE support and services. • Supplier satisfaction offering access to a large, segmented, targeted customer base and outsourced services.
ELEMCA is a private and independent lab. Our facilities and office are both located in Toulouse, France : 1 fully owned lab + 1 shared lab w/ CNES (French space agency). ELEMCA industrial clients (aerospace, automotive, energy, semiconductor, EMS) rely on us to evaluate the quality & reliability of their electronics, from PCBA down to wafer-level. Here are the main Lab services they use : Troubleshooting / failure analysis Defect localization (HR X-ray CT, LIT), physical characterization (SEM, STEM, TEM, microstructure), root cause diagnosis Reliability Pb -> RoHS migration : risk mitigation ; accelerated aging, endurance tests QA IPC-A-610 compliance ; counterfeit detection
JIACO Instruments MIP decapsulation system is a breakthrough innovation: Automated atmospheric pressure Microwave-Induced[1]Plasma (MIP) decapsulation utilizing only Oxygen and patented Hydrogen-based recipes. The system has been proven for Cu, PdCu, Ag, Au bond wires and for advanced package types like 2.5D/3D, SiP, PCB, Module; all without process induced damage for reliability test and failure analysis.
Checkpoint Technologies Checkpoint Technologies
Checkpoint Technologies designs and manufactures Laser Scanning Microscopes and Photon Emission Microscopes for semiconductor device physics analytics/failure analysis. Checkpoint Technologies InfraScan™ LSM/PEM Microscope product line includes laser probing, Dual-Beam LTM-S probing, visible laser probing, waveform acquisition, frequency mapping, photon emission, lock-in TIVA / OBIRCH, SIL technologies, Dual SIL Systems, FemtoSecond Pulsed Laser stimulus, 2-photon LADA, TR-LADA, and pulsed laser probing – to reflect our fundamental commitment to adapting technology to meet customer specific needs within the field of semiconductor failure analysis and fault isolation.
Hitachi Hitachi
Hitachi Power Solutions develops and provides ultrasonic inspection systems as well as ultrasonic transducers. We have a long history and abundant experiences for working in the field of non-destructive inspection as a subsidiary of Hitachi’s electric power business unit for about 50 years and as a manufacturer of ultrasonic inspection systems for more than 40 years. We have very wide products’ lineup consisting of FineSAT series, FSLine series, WaferLine and ES-5100. FineSAT can be utilized to inspect wide variety of electronic devices and materials not only in laboratories but also in mass-production lines. FSLine is optimum for large scale mechanical parts and materials such as sputtering targets. The WaferLine is an automated system for bonded Si wafers, MEMS wafers and other wafer applications. ES-5100 can realize extremely high-speed testing on combination with its unique phased array transducers. These tools achieve many kinds of ultrasonic inspection in conjunction with wide variety of optional parts and functions. We can also propose appropriate transducers selected from the wide variety of lineup with the frequency range of 2.25 to 400 MHz or customize transducers to customers' samples. For detecting and visualizing defects in the cutting-edge semiconductors and electronic components, we always develop new technologies by ourselves or under cooperation with Hitachi's institutes. Please feel free to visit our booth and contact to our expert sales engineers.
SECTOR TECHNOLOGIES is a distributor Company of failure analysis high-end equipment for the Semiconductor Industry . Our product portfolio includes: Lock-in Thermography ( Elite), EMMI ,laser scanning microscopy and LVI/LVP applications (Meridian family) and nanoprobing ( nProber IV, Hyperion) from ThermoFisher. Samples preparation and backside silicon thinning tooling: JetEtch and PlasmaEtch from Nisene, varioMill from Varioscale for outstanding automated backside preparation. For electrical test and design debug: Mutest introducing M5S-HD, Teseda V550, Focused Test for SIC and GaN test, test analysis software GAT from IPPON. IR microscopes and HR IR lenses from Seiwa.
Digiconcept Digiconcept
DC™ (Digit Concept SAS) has been helping FA/QA for 30 years now and is one of the leading suppliers of commercial IC Decapsulation, Cross Sectioning and PCB Cut tools. We design and manufacture state of the art equipment’s in Europe and this year we will show the newest one: • SesamePLASMA™ DCap : iMIP™ release 2023 (developed during SAM3 European Project) We will be happy to present you on our booth the last release of: • SesameLASER™ : SLP500™ Pre-Cavity before Acids or Plasma, IC Cross Sectioning, PCB and wafer Cut … • SesameACID™ : iSA777™ Au, Al, Cu, Ag wires compatible, IC polarization, 10°C capability. • SesameRIE/DCAP™ : iSP_RIE™ and iSP_Dcap™ As always with DC you can UP-GRADE or TRADE-IN your old equipment with iPanel™ or with full new equipment. Have a fruitful ESREF with DC™
Kummer Kummer
John P. Kummer Group was founded as a specialist distributor of instruments used in the manufacturing of Semiconductors in 1975. We attach great importance to trade with reliable products. Approximately 20 dedicated people working to remain the preferred distributor for specialty equipment and materials through consistent growth. John P. Kummer Group is able to provide its customers with its combined expertise when applied to various specialized applications in the field of semiconductor, hybrid microelectronics, circuit/electronic assembly, medical devices and optical materials. Key facts about JPK Group - 1000+ installed systems in Europe (Semiconductor and related Industries) - Over 4000 customers - Distributor for leading suppliers from all over the world - In-house Service and Application Engineers for installation, training, service and PM - Working closely with suppliers who wish to provide their own service - Offering training and sample preparation on demo tools in a professional lab infrastructure
QualiTau QualiTau
QualiTau is the leading supplier of reliability test equipment and services offering comprehensive turn-key solutions, which cater to the current and future needs of Quality, Reliability, and Technology Development groups within the semiconductor industry. Since the successful introduction of its first system, QualiTau has become a leading developer of electronic equipment for the increasingly important field of semiconductor process reliability.
Opsens Solutions Opsens Solutions
Opens Solutions design and manufacture miniature fiber optic sensor designed for direct temperature monitoring of power semiconductor devices. Applicable for measurement of junction temperature and establishment of temperature mission profile on Power Electronics module. Immune to electromagnetic and radiofrequency interferences, these non-invasive sensors provide a very fast response time, and are specifically designed for ageing simulation, thermal stress analysis & modelling assessment, and permanent temperature monitoring during service.
Intraspec Technologies Intraspec Technologies
Intraspec Technologies provides customized services on electronic, optoelectronic, optical components and assemblies for companies operating mainly in aerospace, automotive, railway, military, and telecommunications. Our team of engineers is expert in failure analysis, reliability, qualification, entry control, counterfeit analyses, EMC testing, contamination localization and identification, just to name a few. As a partner of CNES Toulouse (French Space Agency), we are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to test, qualify, measure, and analyze your products in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our objective is to become your privileged technical partner, providing you with valuable technical information supported by sound and clear reports, highlighted with high quality photos and comments. We are looking forward to meeting you!
BiBench - iTest BiBench - iTest
BiBench is a French company founded 10 years ago, specializing in lightweight and innovative electronic test systems for digital or mixed electronic components. Its DNA lies in finding cost-effective, compact, and user-friendly testing solutions, bridging the gap left by traditional heavy systems. With a strong focus on space applications, BiBench specializes in accelerated aging test systems, space radiation test systems, image sensor qualification systems, and more. The target components encompass SoCs, FPGAs, processors, high-capacity/speed memories, high-resolution imagers, among others. iTest is a French company founded 27 years ago. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of reliability test solutions for the electronics industry. Its domains of activity range from reliability testing on power transistors (Wide Bandgap) to contact testing, as well as microwave components. ITEST product catalog includes around a hundred references, but it also develops customized solutions for its customers to ensure that it is always in step with their needs.
Eurofins MASER Eurofins MASER
Eurofins MASER is an independent engineering service company. Since 1993 we have offered Reliability Test and Failure Analysis Services to the semiconductor and electronic systems industry. We offer a wide range of qualification procedures (AEC Q100/JEDEC/MIL/IEC) to qualify your products according to the latest international standards or to your specific requirements. Our state-of-the-art Failure Analysis laboratory will fulfill all F/A needs of our customers (Non-destructive analysis/construction analysis/FIB-CE/IPC inspection/Advanced Failure Analysis). Whether your company is active as Fabless Semiconductor Manufacturer, IC Design House, Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) Provider or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) we can support you with your daily Reliability Test or Failure Analysis challenges.
SmarAct Metrology GmbH & Co. KG SmarAct Metrology GmbH & Co. KG
SmarAct Metrology develops sophisticated measuring equipment to serve high accuracy positioning and metrology applications in research and industry. Our broad product portfolio – from miniaturized interferometers for displacement measurements to powerful electrical nanoprobers for the characterization of smallest semiconductor technology nodes – is completed by turnkey scanning vibrometers. We maintain the complete production in house for a high level of customization so that we can always provide you the optimal individual or OEM solution. We also offer feasibility studies, measurement services and comprehensive support to accompany you along your projects
Seiwa Optical Europe GmbH Seiwa Optical Europe GmbH
For over 50 years , Seiwa Optical has been a trusted and reliable provider of customizable optical solutions . Seiwa Optical introduces Infrared Microscope system to inspect sub-surface images including MEMS device , 3D stucks and incoming wafers . It also offers many capabilities and flexibility that are not available with traditional microscopes .
Imina Technologies SA Imina Technologies SA
Imina Technologies provides robotic solutions for electrical probing under electron and optical microscopes. Our robots, designed and built in Switzerland, are used for nanoprobing, failure analysis and manipulation at micro- and nanoscales. More than 200 leading semiconductor companies and renowned research institutes are working with our systems all over the world. Welcome to our booth #15. With our local representative, EDEN Instruments, we will be delighted to share with you our latest developments, and make a demonstration. You will discover how our intuitive workflow can dramatically reduce time to data, even for very small and fragile samples. Imina Technologies, in collaboration with Eurofins | MASER, also offers turnkey nanoprobing and EFA services, including sample preparation.
InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik
Dresden-based InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik is a specialist for products and services in the field of infrared technology. Founded in 1991, the company employs about 240 staff. Its product range includes infrared cameras such as the self-developed and manufactured high-end ImageIR® camera series, fitting out with OEM equipment and the supply of turnkey automation solutions. InfraTec provides solutions for non-destructive testing and active thermography to meet the needs of today's scientific and industrial customers. One example is E-LIT, an automated inspection system that uses lock-in thermography to enable contactless failure inspection of electronic components and assemblies during the manufacturing process.
SERMA Technologies & Pac-G SERMA Technologies & Pac-G
SERMA TECHNOLOGIES and PAC-G combine the unmatched capabilities of Grenoble’s Large Scale facilities with the outstanding technical expertise of SERMA in a unique service offer to the microelectronics industry. ? SERMA TECHNOLOGIES is specialized in the Electronic Technologies Management, abusive tests on batteries and material expertise. Providing, for the electronics industry, its services of analysis, tests and consulting on electronic components, cards and complete electronic systems and offering support to its customers and R&D partners throughout the industrial cycle by advising them during development, manufacturing and sustaining cycle about durability, maintainability and availability of their products.  ? PAC-G (Platform for Advanced Characterisation Grenoble) is an innovative service platform providing access to the European Synchrotron (ESRF), the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), the CNRS/LPSC and CEA-Leti’s Nanocharacterization Platform.
Kleindiek Nanotechnik Kleindiek Nanotechnik
Kleindiek Nanotechnik specializes in highly precise and intuitive to use micromanipulators that can be used for a wide range of tasks – including nanoprobing, fault localisation, and failure analysis on semiconductor devices. Using our various tools we can address a wide range of technology nodes and experimental requirements.
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